Storage Contract

As an extra precaution, we can arrange insurance. This works to your advantage, as you’ll only have ‘one’ company to deal.

Obtaining and maintaining Insurance is the Storer’s responsibility

Alternatively, Storers can arrange for insurance of the goods themselves

TMAAT accepts no liability for the loss of or damage to goods stored.

Our Insurance Policy covers the following risks during storage

  • Fire, lightning
  • Aircraft
  • Earthquake
  • Storm and tempest
  • Flood, water from fixed pipes or systems
  • Riots, strikes and civil commotion
  • Explosion and impact damage.
To proceed with our storage solution, please fill out the form with correct and up-to-date information.

Storage Details

Contact Details

Postal Details ( Same as above address )

Alternative Contact Details

ID Verification

License number OR Photo Card Number OR Passport Number

Have you considered insurance while in storage?

Our Policy can protect you from

- Fire, Lightning

- Aircraft

- Riots and Civil Commotion

- Earthquake

- Storm and tempest, flood, water from fixed pipes or systems

Would you like to add this to your move?

Would you like to insure your goods based on Replacement cost of Market Value?

(Please note: Goods over 10 years old can only be insured for Market value)

Storage Fee

As per your quotation.

Credit card information

Your first month of storage will be added to the final cost of your move. We just require acredit card number for payment of any subsequent months.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us
on 1300 880 412
You can also get an online quote in seconds.



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